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Stolen Model A parts

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Bob Ballantyne
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Stolen Model A parts

Post by Bob Ballantyne » Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:44 pm

Hi Murray and others
I am looking for 2 front doors for a 1930 Fordor in complete and good condition
This is need for and insurance claim , 2 model A Fordors were partially stripped over Auck anniversary weekend in a lock up
Also taken were 1 complete radiator with surround, 1 complete head light bar with both lights, both bonnets, both thermo radiator caps, all outside and inside door handles from both cars, spare wheel , luggage rack, rear bumpers, both front bumpers, all front door hinges cut with grinder to get door off, car 2 the head light surround trim , glass, & reflectors gone, both instrument panels complete with Speedo’s,
Both horns, and some other small parts

We need to start looking for replacement parts to get these cars back in running order.

the more ears listening may help this man out

So if any one hears of a new stash of 1930 Model A parts let me know on 09-8329818
The police & insurance are very interested also

Cheers Errol McAlpine
PS does any one know how to start a thread on face book the bigger the coverage the better

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