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Colouring vinyl

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Warren Duggan
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Colouring vinyl

Post by Warren Duggan » Sat Sep 24, 2005 5:38 pm

I am repairing an Austin Seven Special. The body is vinyl over a wooden frame. I wish to re-colour the vinyl in red colouring. What is the best product to use? Where do I get it? Somebody has painted a number on the side of the body that I wish to remove. I do not know what the paint base is. What is best to use to remove it without damaging the vinyl?
Warren Duggan

Bob Ballantyne
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Post by Bob Ballantyne » Sat Sep 24, 2005 10:55 pm

Any solvent used to remove the numbers will surely have a softening effect on the vinyl. There is a product called something like a plastersizer which is added to duco or dulon type lacquers to make them flexible, similar to the finish applied to plastic bumbers on cars. This product should be available from auto paint shop suppliers. Depending on the thickness of the painted numbers you might be able to remove the main build up of paint using wet and dry sand paper with soapy water as a lube. However you will have to be very careful to stop when getting close to removing the paint, also use 280 to 320grit wet and dry sandpaper. I have used dulon with a plastersizer myself and found it to be totally suitable. You will have to clean the vinyl with wax and grease remover and even a light wash over with lacquer thinners to remove any contamination ie: road grime, oil and grease which will have adhesion problems with over coating the new colour. Some upholstery shops I'm sure will have vinyl restoration help available. Bob

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